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MATT ALAVI - Project Director

Matt Alavi is a director, animator, production designer, editor and 2016-17 San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse residency award recipient, currently working on his first feature length documentary, the Westerfeld House Of Legends, about the architecture, history and mythology of SF's most iconic Victorian landmark. Since 2011, his music video, animation and documentary work has been variously featured on MTV, BBC, Esquire, Pitchfork, DangerousMinds, LaughingSquid and StereoGum. You can see more of his work at









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Leah Bernstein

Audra Wolfmann

Veronica Avola

Steven Harwick

Heidi Knodle

Eric Oxford

Kaitlin Layher

Brian Gleeson

Marc Hofstatter

Frank Martinez

Michelina M

Andrew Daziell

Lisa Sachs

Maedeh Farokhnia

 Shahram Emtiaz

Tania Turquin Spicanovic

Yves G.J.M. Turquin

Tim Shulepov

James Siegel

Lauren Rosenthal

Tristan Crane

Waide Hicks

Jill Storthz

Kian Alavi

Matt Popieluch

Sam Vinal

Sadie McFarlane




Alex Fraser

Jennifer Segale

Laura Lopez

Robert Murray

Matthew O'Donnell

Ryan Dooley

Wayne Arents

Donald Wood

Michael Kuniavsky

Bryant Katzen

Jennifer Fabos

Maile Smith

Tricia Powell

Jaime Henderson


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